Information for Accepted Student Exchange Participants

You have the letter that says, “Congratulations! You have been selected to spend a year as a North Star Youth Exchange scholar.”

It is OK to jump, scream and call your family and friends. We are excited for you to represent us as a Rotary Youth Exchange ambassador! This is a great time to start reading and learning more about your host country, learning the language and finding other students who went there too.

Upcoming Meetings

In January, February and April you will be meeting with your fellow Rotary scholars, your Country Officers (someone who is a direct link between you and your host country) and other volunteers involved with North Star Rotary Youth Exchange. At these meetings you will begin your preparation to be the best you can be and prepare you for the expected and the unexpected. We believe you will come away from the 3 orientations with a clearer idea of what you are about to embark on and what to expect. But, with every situation, there are many unknowns. You will know who to contact and how to reach out for support…the student and the family both.

Resources for Accepted Students

Get to know the following resources to prepare for your time abroad.