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Volunteers are critical to the success of our exchange program. Without our wonderful Club Counselors, Youth Exchange Officers (YEOs), Country Officers and administrative volunteers this program would not exist!

Interested in getting involved?

Complete the Volunteer Application today – you’ll need to fill out a form online, submit a background check, and plan on attending a few important trainings.

Volunteer Application Information
2010 YEO Meeting

DOS Test and Background Check Process

  1. The DOS test is the Department of State test that all North Star Volunteers take that have access to data in the HUB. The DOS test needs to be renewed annually. Please refer to the DOS Study Guide so you are prepared prior to the exam.
  2. You will need to submit a new Background Check each year. The password for the Background Check is in the email from North Star, with the subject line “Background check renewal required”
  • New Volunteers: The password for  this check is in the email from North Star,  refer to the “Thank you for applying” email that was sent to you
  • Renewing Volunteers: The password for the Background Check is in the email from North Star, refer to the “Background check renewal required” email

Creating a DOS Account

To take the DOS test you should have received an automated email thanking you for your Volunteer application. This email contains important information for creating your user account in the DOS testing system.

  • Please use the DOS Person ID # as your Username and Password when logging in
  • New Volunteers: Refer to the “Thank you for applying” email that came from North Star. In that email is your username and password.
  • Renewing Volunteers:  If you don’t know your username and password for the DOS test, please log in to the HUB and locate your DOS Person ID as shown here. Be sure and do this before the test is due or you are not approved and locked out. Suggestion:  record this number and keep it safe as you will need every year.

Information for Officers & Volunteers